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February 10, 2012
by Mildred T. Dunham

Superannuation and Lost Super

Lost super

The phenomenon of lost super is one that has garnered significant attention in recent years, as it has emerged that countless Australians may have lost superannuation money throughout the course of their careers. It follows that those who have been in the workforce for longer periods are more likely to have lost super.

There has been a strong promotional push in the last year or so by superannuation companies, encouraging people to find out if they have lost super. The amount of money in lost super at present is said to be a truly staggering $13b. Equally staggering is that it is estimated that one in two Australians have lost super.

What is lost super?

Hard-earned superannuation can be lost in a variety of circumstances. The most common must be if you have ever changed your name, job, address or some other personal information. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has a register of people whose super funds have reported them as ‘lost’, meaning potentially large sums of money are sitting unclaimed. The ATO offers a special ‘super seeker’ tool for those who suspect they may have lost super.

It is important to distinguish, however, between ‘lost’ super and ‘unclaimed’ super. Unclaimed super is simply where money can be withdrawn from a fund where the individual would be eligible, and the company cannot contact the person, for whatever reason.

Generally, a super fund holder is regarded as ‘lost’ if the account has been untouched for two years or more, and at least two letters of correspondence have been sent to the address on record and been returned undelivered.

How do I find lost super?

As well as through the ATO, as mentioned above, there are various means of tracking down lost super. A number of super companies themselves have introduced means of locating the lost super you might have.

In addition, you can simply contact your old fund – often the quickest and most efficient way. It might be however, that you have forgotten whom your old fund was with, if so, you can contact your previous employers and ask them to look through their records and find out who your former super provider might have been.

If you are over 65 the lost super landscape changes a little. After this age, lost super is turned over to the state, whose responsibility it is to maintain the account. In this case, the individual must look for their lost super through the state in question.

There are also various third parties you can assist you with locating lost super, however, in these cases there will invariably a percentage fee you will have to pay – something the ATO’s service does not charge.

What to do with lost super

If it turns out that you do have lost super, it is a good idea to consolidate it all into one super account with your current super payments– a sound financial move in any circumstances.

This would mean that you are only paying one set of fees and other charges, as well as potentially increasing the overall interest.

Of course, another option for your lost super, especially if you are already retired, is to withdraw the money now and use it to help with the living expenses of your retirement.

September 26, 2013
by user

How do I know if my Company can get Credit ?

How do I know if my Company can get Credit ?BBVA Bancomer ‘s participation in the delivery of credit to small and medium enterprises is growing more and more , however , many businesses in this sector are ignored if creditworthy , if your business is able to request one or if you are attractive to banks .

Many factors are taken into consideration before giving a loan to an SME , some of the main ones are :

  • Legal status of the company, for this request the Constitutive Act of the business and two years of operation.
  • Financial Condition : income statement and cash flow .
  • Fiscal condition : compliance with the payment of tax liabilities.
  • Business Description : capacity, capacity utilized , number of employees , shifts, among other aspects of the daily operation of the company.
  • Condition of Warranty: verification becomes a property in some loans above 180,000 pesos , but it is not taxed.

Most of these aspects are included in the business plan , a tool you can use to increase the chances of obtaining credit, as BBVA Bancomer , need assurance that they are funding the project will be profitable and that the person to run the business is unclear how that will operate the company to be successful .

Whether you apply for a loan to start your business , upgrade an existing one , acquire new infrastructure , incorporating new staff, sales support new investment whose return will be long term or cover unexpected , always evaluated before your capacity to pay and make sure to cover credit payments .

BBVA Bancomer offers you a tool through which you can know if your company could receive a bank loan , you only need to answer the questions of a diagnosis is made via the internet and if this is positive have access to a Credit Application shape.

September 26, 2013
by user

Loans to Businesses and Households Suffering its Biggest Drop Since 2006

Loans to Businesses and Households Suffering its Biggest Drop Since 2006Definitely the lack of credit to companies has “consolidated” as one of the great problems of the economy. And in the month of July, the finance companies decreased to 677.431 million euros, marking a record low since August 2006.

If we include foreign companies , capital received by businesses, essential for the normal development of their activities , reached the 1,082 billion euros , representing a fall of 6.3%. Although the cut has moderated slightly from June ( 6.5 % ) and May ( 7.1% ), the absolute collapse has been brutal .

Far behind the times when the credit line above figures reached 950,000 million (2009 ) . Currently the Spanish banks still reluctant to ” open the hand ” , unlike investment from outside our country , which continues to grow for year so far , reaching 39,000 million. The recovery of confidence of foreign capital in our economy is a very positive sign , and should serve as an example to follow for national lenders .

As reported by the Bank of Spain , in July continues the downward trend . The volume of loans received by households has declined by 4.2 % to 807.446 million , which contrasts with the decline of 3.4 % in the same month last year . This is the largest decline during 2013 , which is based especially on cuts housing loan .

Returning to the “health” of Spanish companies , no doubt due to the scarcity of bank credit for SME should seek alternative ways to raise money . One way of funding that has reached more popularity lately is the ” crowdfunding ” or microfinance. It is a system with enormous potential and of particular interest to young people starting new ventures and projects that require an initial surge .

Another line that has also come through the Network , is a series of portals that offer a wide variety of loans and formulas employing agile in order to respond to the urgent demand for financing of a significant portion of society that is not traditional response entities .

Internet has taken a major role in today’s society and this is reflected in a lot of areas , even to position themselves ahead of financial institutions as far as credit is concerned, and making users increasingly turn to other methods to advance its particular economy or your company.

September 6, 2013
by user

3 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

3 Financial Tips for NewlywedsWeddings require a lot of planning to fit. Without this , it is unlikely that things turn out as they should be . It is interesting how some couples spend months or even a year organizing a wedding, but do not spend a single hour to organize the new financial life that are about to begin.

After you get married you can not manage your finances in the same way as when you were single or unmarried. Everything changes ! And many couples do not realize this. What is the result? Most divorces occur for fights caused by financial issues . And every month , many couples divorce in the country. What should the newlyweds to not end well ?

Be honest about the debt you bring to the marriage.

Before marriage , many couples share their past with their future spouse love for no secrets between them later could damage the relationship. But , these same people are afraid to admit they must Bs 30,000 in a card, which for three years remained in arrears for several months with credit card , or your monthly payment is delinquent home . Trying to hide this is impossible, the truth will come out when they try to buy or finance something . Must be honest and open with each other , especially in money matters. It is important that responsible decisions are taken , but this can only be done by working with correct information.

Gather your money little by little.

Today, a large percentage of marriages are between people who are already established , ie have jobs , money, and assets like cars and houses, etc. . It’s not like before when a young couple was married 19 years to start a life together , now , the spouses each life they bring to marriage. Of these two lives to do one, but it’s best to take it slow , no rush . Everyone has a different idea about dinero.Si together everything they have from day one , there will be an unnecessary stress to see how the other person spends your money . It’s better that everyone keep their property and must also opening joint accounts . Gradually, be transferred from the individual to the pooled accounts . If you take a couple of years , no problem , says Yahoo! Finance .

Do not expect miraculous changes other.

Women are frustrated in marriage because the man does not change the way she wants , while the man is frustrated because the woman changes and remains as it was . We have to enter into marriage with open eyes . People can improve certain defects if they make the effort , but it is unrealistic to think that someone who loves to spend, will suddenly become responsible only for marriage.

Marriage is something that should be protected. It suffers from too many attacks. Do not let money matters take you to lose yours .

September 6, 2013
by user

Finance for Kids : Your Child will Thank You

Finance for Kids : Your Child will Thank YouHis childhood was characterized as surely rather austere . Not because his family had no money but because the economy developed this philosophy: spend little . Then , I used to play with anything and it did not matter and just had fun .

Unlike you , who grew up within those parameters , the kids today are immersed in a totally different world where reality seduces and subjects them to be asking all the time new things. This, marks a consumer trend , which becomes even more important the fact educate them about money and its value.

It is undeniable that the earlier you start financial education , they look better over time. So site listed a number of tips for you to implement with their children. If in the future the level of consumerism is accelerated , your child will thank you.

Then take a look at 8 lessons that should give your kids about money:

• Teach the difference between needs and wants , in order to establish boundaries between those things you really need and those that want to buy.

• You know the value and the price of things. For example , at the grocery store , it is appropriate to give examples and purchase prices and margins savings to buy one product over another .

• If you usually give your children a certain amount of money each week , share with them some ideas to learn how to save it and manage it. This can help them better understand their value and be more financially responsible .

• If you ask them to help in some activities at home and be remunerated for it , try not to give them too much , because their domestic duties become a business.

• Avoid them ‘ loans ‘ constantly , as reinforced the belief that parents have access to unlimited amounts of money .

• If you give them money to buy sweets or breakfast at school , suggest comparing prices and calculate how many and which candy can be purchased for the same price .

• Do not forget that children learn by example from parents , so it is recommended to perform a good management of personal finances and let them share in it.

• Never too late to inculcate a good habit. If your children are already in adolescence , can set goals and establish savings plans , in addition to more responsibly manage their income in the future.

To learn more decisive aspects in your financial life , be sure to consult the .

August 26, 2013
by user

Make Money on YouTube a great Alternative Internet Business

Make Money on YouTube a great Alternative Internet BusinessWithin large businesses that can be found today on the Internet, information related to the entertainment are still the most profitable. And today, platforms like YouTube are changing the way of earning money on the net, generating the latter even in many people a salary above senior professionals.

Developing the initial plan before hitting YouTube.

All pre-need business ideas development, and in this case will be no exception. As many know YouTube is a video platform where according to the content you upload this can be seen, hundreds, thousands and even millions of times and this amount of visits depending on our own channel will result in success as ‘YouTuber’.

Choosing the most profitable theme.

In this way the contents are varied, but certainly there are issues that always give better results than others. To not give many turns explaining the same now you tip her like a collection, which in my experience, would be more money are leaving the YouTubers, either by the quality of the content, subject matter covered and its impact as a character in all social networks.

- Channels of Entertainment:
Humor, Video Stories, Adventures in Video, etc. …

- Channels of Tutorials:
Walkthroughs phones, computers, using programs, beauty tutorials, fashion tips, etc …

- Channels of Information:
Local news, technology news, product reviews, unboxings, etc …

- Extra:
Innovation. Yes, many of the greats are Youtube thanks to that once were the feeling by giving a single issue rate video, so if you have a cool idea to explode from Youtube, dare and watch you jump and Youtuber Pro. Continue Reading →

August 26, 2013
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Impact A Franchise Business Internet Outside and Inside

Impact A Franchise Business Internet Outside and InsideFrom time to time I devote to doing business outside the internet but what I learned here on the internet and with positive results, but for some people the technical issues are a big constraint. Also one of the constant problems are investment costs, in my case high investment management business and I’ve always said it costs the same to sell some $ 10 usd to $ 1000 usd.

Today it is known to all that the rise of local businesses and should have an internet presence, which makes it a profitable business and has not yet penetration is expected in the coming years, mobile applications, sites phones, websites and blogs are basic tools in any business that wants to have a presence online. That’s why today I present a business option that combines income internet outside and inside, meaning that you can generate income in your city and online. The true cost of entry in this hilarious and very accessible.

So if you are interested just leave your details on the next page and you will know in detail the opportunity to put myself in your hands, you advance that this is NOT a magic system, is a system that takes dedication and perseverance, but after a year I assure you will be receiving significant income and off the internet if you take exactly the system. I assure you that I am dedicated to this niche market that few networkers have exploded.

August 13, 2013
by user

Credit Cards: Safety and Discounts

Credit Cards: Safety and DiscountsEach time a major sporting event taking place in our country, it is said that, for example if IS football, Spain has over 40 million coaches, or if f1 over 40 million engineers, this is very pejorative obviously but if you have a little to do with a character in which we find it sometimes may not recognize that we manage perfectly all around us, including something as common, and sometimes so poorly used as credit cards.

Let’s go over the strengths of credit cards, instead of focusing on the negative issues (that’s as in all) will try to identify the major strengths of these products.

Payment by card, system is more secure than cash payment. This statement is not trivial since, for example, simply to payment protection insurance that many cards have more control of the operations automatically recorded in the monitoring of the card, have the payment tools no cash, therefore, before any negative circumstance with respect to the purchase, it is more than likely the card payment We provide advantages that provides cash payment.

The insurance association, although it may be somewhat controversial element is certainly also another attraction to be considered in this type of products, moreover, is an attraction that can lead to a level of assurance concerning quite interesting. We must remember that credit cards can not only insure against possible fraud in their own use, but also very varied insurance ranging from accidents, life insurance, etc..

No doubt another positive element of these products have to do with the chances of getting bonuses and added values. These bonuses, increasingly common in the form of discounts on purchases, are not free, actually the higher the higher costs of card discounts we will find, however, depending on the management of the use is made of the available and as we make purchases, you can actually make a profit interest in these discounts.

August 13, 2013
by user

Cards Also in Summer Discounts

Cards Also in Summer DiscountsObviously the discounts applied to the cards, whether the modality they are, are an attractive addition for users, too, and perhaps more so, at a time like the summer, it seems appropriate to approach some of these proposals Discount cards can currently find on the market;

People’s Bank Platinum Visa card offers 2% discount on purchases during the first year and 0.5% the following years with a maximum of 120 € discounting annual or semi-annual € 60. During the first month proposing a 5% Discount hotels and restaurants in purchases over 100 € in a bonus up to 40 €.

Shopping Bancorreos Visa card that offers a return of 5% in supermarkets and shopping malls, spending subject to maximum bonus of 500 € per month (until 31 December this year) from 2014 the subsidy shall be in the 3% of purchases in supermarkets indefinitely.

Barclaycard Visa proposes a 3% permanent discount on purchases whose unit value is above 150 €, in the area of ​​department stores, supermarkets and major fashion brands. 50% discount on certain establishments that adhere to the campaign such as Film Box or Telepizza among others.

Blach Platinum Card CatalunyaCaixa proposes a 2% discount on GALP service stations and a series of special discounts on certain establishments, for example, 15% in, 30% on Apple Care Protection Plan or Apple 10% Store among others.

Santander Card Plus 5% discount on all purchases made.

Ibercaja Credit Master Card discount up to 3% fuel in service stations Repsol, Campsa and Petronor, maximum two per card discount euros / month.

Platinum Visa Card Novagalicia up to 5% of Galp service stations and up to 2% in other stations.

So here a list of a few credit cards with discount, certainly not the only, but a good taste of what to date can be found on the market so that discounts for credit card use is concerned.

July 24, 2013
by user

Fuel Stations not Accept Credit Cards from Monday 29

Fuel Stations not Accept Credit Cards from Monday 29The National Retail Association Fuels, Inc. (Anadegas) threatened on Tuesday to not accept credit cards starting next Monday, July 29, due to an increase in the intermediation fee applied by the Dominican Card Consortium (Cardnet) .

According to Rafael Polanco, president of Anadegas, Cardnet has started to increase “arbitrarily” the cost of intermediation for the sale of fuel 1.95 to 3.00 percent.

“Every time you raise the price of fuel increases their profit margin. As you may have them we want to increase the percentage of credit card use, as we that (the increase) is not transferred it to the public. The only business nationwide that do not charge difference by credit card use are service stations, “he said.

He reported that on several occasions have tried to meet with executives seeking to Cardnet to invalidate such increase, but have had no response.

“For several months ago we talked with them and they were in together and have not called any meetings or have responded. The answer is we have to board and in those circumstances the retailer says: I prefer to sell without a card,” said Polanco.

In this regard, tomorrow fuel retailers will meet in extraordinary to determine if a waiting give the bank intermediation institution or definitely not accept credit cards at vending stations.

July 24, 2013
by user

Chip Card Does not Prevent Cloning

Chip Card Does not Prevent CloningThe integration of the chip in credit cards and debit difficult, but does not prevent the cloning of plastics information, warned the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

The agency said the chip cloning becomes more difficult because transfers instead of storing information, but does not protect against online fraud and other transactions made.

To know if a transaction was made through the magnetic stripe or chip, on receipt of the operation ARQC code should appear indicating that the operation was performed with the chip.

Therefore, the recommended Condusef never lose sight of the credit or debit card, and the importance of using reliable establishments and not share banking information on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM) explained that the migration of credit card magnetic strip to chip has made ​​the transition to fully and debit plastics is estimated to be completed this year.

The first quarter of this year in the Mexican market existed 92.137 25 million credit cards in force and 96 million debit 328.452.